Kyle Rapps ft Krs One & Homeboy Sandman Remix Contest


Os paso la info que han posteado en el twitter de Coalmine Records

Contest Rules, Itinerary & Prizes


Attention producers, please email all submissions to no later then Monday, September, 20th. Only one submission per producer will be accepted. The files for the remix contest include an MP3 file of the original version of “Love, Love” in addition to a WAV file of the acapella. The acapella is zero pointed and should synchronize properly with any digital audio workstation. Music should be in an mp3 format and should default to any iTunes media player. Sample-free remixes are allowed, but not required. The original version of the track is 90 Beats Per Minute, but may be altered. Files should be labeled accordingly with song title first, followed by the producer’s name and Remix in parenthesis, ie: I Am (Joe Smith Remix).mp3. *Due to the high volume of submissions, it becomes very difficult to cross reference submissions with their corresponding email addresses and therefore it is critical to include your email address in the comment field of the iTunes info panel. In your email, please provide us with your social network URLs (twitter/facebook) along with your discography bio/epk if applicable. Please include a few sentences about yourself and your production background. Good luck!


9.08.10 (Wednesday): Contest begins. Diamond Music Group and the popular lifestyle clothing brand Akademiks has joined forces for the launch of Kyle Rapp’s “Love, Love” Remix Contest, featuring Homeboy Sandman and the legendary KRS-One. The contest will be virally promoted throughout the Internet via popular hip-hop related lifestyle websites and blogs. The contest will also be reinforced through an e-blast campaign and will also be promoted via social networks (Twitter & FaceBook)

9.20.10 (Monday): Submission Due Date. Please do not forget to include your email address in the comment field of the iTunes info panel upon submission.

9.27.10 (Monday): The winning remix will be announced via email to all contestants. It will be required for the winning producer to provide the track session as WAV files compatible with any digital audio workstation.

11.16.10 (Tuesday): The winning remix will be featured on the official iTunes release of “Love, Love” along with the original version produced by Analogic, on November 16th, 2010 through all major digital retailers. The remix will also be campaigned through all major hip-hop related blogs & lifestyles in the weeks leading up to the official release.


The winning producer will be entitled to a digital distribution imprint through Diamond Music Group as well as clothing, courtesy of Akademiks.

Ahora en castellano para los que no se lleven bien con el ingles (aunque hoy en dia es casi un deber)

FECHA LIMITE: 20 de Septiembre
- El mp3 (enviadlo a 320 kbps) debeis llamarlo. Love Love (vuestroaka remix).mp3 (EJEMPLO: Love Love (aiSHO remix).mp3)
- Poned en el campo de comentarios de la información del mp3 vuestro mail
- En el mail donde adjunteis el mp3, poned vuestro twitter/facebook/myspace, si teneis hecha una bio cortita etc mejor.
- Especifica que se permite los beats sin samples, pero que no es obligatorio. Como el premio es editarlo en Itunes etc, si lo basais en sample es posible que si el dueño del sample reclama derechos del sample, los gastos corran a vuestra cuenta (pero para eso, el dueño del sample tiene que escuchar el remix primero!)

Ropa y editar el remix conjunto al tema original en formato "cd-single" en itunes y resto de distribuidores digitales(mediante contrato con la discografica Coalmine Records)


Suerte a los que participeis, si quereis compartir vuestros remixes ponedlo en los comentarios de esta noticia!


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  1. yo me apunto, que no son los 77 de joell ortiz... heheh

  2. Muy buenas.
    Primero, otro agradecimiento más por este espacio donde cuelgas tanta información y vídeos tan interesantes.

    Es la primera vez que comento, y voy a añadir mi propuesta para este concurso de Kyle Rapps:

    Un saludo a todos y a cuidarse!!!

    KnockOut Prods.


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