BK-One (@bk_one_RSE) Tema Do Canibal remix contest!


Ahi os lo dejo!

On my new Tema Do Canibal EP, I had 7 different musicians from very different backgrounds reinterpret one of my favorite songs off my last album. The results range from a soulful and jazzy meditation to a bare bones percussion freak-out. From a blistering dancefloor anthem to a dark and bizarre hip hop opus.

Now I want to see what you can do. I'm giving you the drum track that I created for "Tema Do Canibal" and the horn track recorded by The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Use as much or as little of them as you want, and add anything you can dream up (extra points for originality). When you're done with your creation, upload it to my dropbox on Soundcloud. Go to and click on the dropbox tab (underneath my picture, to the right of "tracks", "sets", etc...). Do anything you want and submit as many different creations as you can think up. I'll personally pick my favorite on August 26th. The winner will receive a copy of the Tema Do Canibal EP, a copy of Rádio Do Canibal, all four stamps designed by Mike 2600, all inside a Rhymesayers cinch bag. The winners track will be uploaded to my Soundcloud page and played on RSE Radio, Rhymesayers weekly radio show on KFAI.

The winner of the contest will also be awarded a Pro account from Soundcloud!

Download the tracks via Soundcloud below:
Tema Do Canibal remix contest by BK-One


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