Una de oportunidades


Los ultimos remix contest que han salido!

50cent dijo en su twitter

"there goes the track "Ghetto Like A MotherF**ker" Freestyle producers finish the track!"

No hay mails donde enviarlo ni nada, solo es hacer el remix y enseñarselo via twitter.
"Ghetto Like A MotherFucker" - Producers finish this track! by 50 Cent

Por su parte Illmind y Nature Sound sueltan esto:
To enter the contest:
1. Download the stems to "Next Round" here (original track is also included).
2. Use your favorite production software or hardware to create an original track using ONLY THESE SOUNDS. Tracks containing other sounds will not be considered.
3. Upload your track to Soundcloud and send it to us at Signing up for Soundcloud is free and easy.
4. We'll upload your track to our Soundcloud page so fans can listen and comment.
5. !llmind will pick a winner. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 12th, two weeks before Behind The Curtain hits stores. Winner receives a $100 credit to the Nature Sounds store, which has CDs, Vinyl, Apparel, and more. Explore at

Para bajar la hsitoria es el bandcamp de illmind


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